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Ways a School Management System can Increase Engagement Among Students

A school management system is a kind of software designed to help schools automate their operations. In recent years, this type of technology has been getting increasingly popular among educational institutions because it helps them save significant time and increase… Continue Reading →

Tips to Ensure Your School Management Software is Secure

More than educational material, data allows school administrators to save information about their students from their grades, attendance records, extracurricular and personal history, to their disciplinary reports. There’s even GPS tracking and biometrics for attendance issues and criminal activity. Because… Continue Reading →

Guide to Identify the School Management Software Features You Need for Your School

School and classroom management software is a computer program that manages the administrative, financial, and/or educational operations of an educational institution. Used by schools, colleges, universities, and research institutes, this kind of software helps manage all operations with flexibility and… Continue Reading →

Guide to Finding an Affordable School Management System

Many people in the world today are looking for ways to make their day-to-day tasks easier. Some of these people are principals, administrators, and others that work in school management. Many school management systems have been introduced in the market… Continue Reading →

Benefits of Online Enrollment and Enrollment Software

Online class enrollment is the latest craze in the world of digital transactions. The benefits of online enrollment so far outweigh the costs, making it hard to imagine we’ll ever go back to the way things were before. Here are… Continue Reading →

Should Your School Be Using Standards-Based Grading on Electronic Report Cards?

Change is hard. It’s simple but true – change is hard – especially in something as integral to a student’s education as grading. Standards-based grading (SBG) has been around for a long time and used by many schools, but it… Continue Reading →

Better Track Student Progress and Achievement With an Online Gradebook

For most teachers, grading is more than simply recording scores. Grading presents an opportunity to provide feedback and communicate about student progress and achievement. To get the most out of grading, you need to keep accurate records that teachers can… Continue Reading →

Tips To Help Improve Your Payments & Tuition Processing

The beginning of the school year marks the time when parents are tasked with payments and tuition processing. This can be stressful for them, especially if they have gone through some snafus in their school’s payment process. Here are some… Continue Reading →

SchoolCues Has Been Selected as a Semifinalist for the Arizona Innovators Challenge 2021!

SchoolCues is proud to announce that we’ve been selected out of a strong pool of more than 110 incredible applicants as one of Arizona Innovators Challenge (AIC) semifinalists!  It is an incredible honor for us, as this position is given… Continue Reading →

What To Know Before Starting an Online Homeschool

Now that you’ve decided to online homeschool your child, one of the first decisions you face is what kind of program and format will work best for both your family and your child. There are many options available to those… Continue Reading →

An Online School Management System Can Benefit Schools Whether They Are Remote or In-Person

An online school management system is software used to manage either small or large-scale educational organizations such as schools and colleges. A school management system functions as a web-based computer program that can perform many different tasks, including recording attendance,… Continue Reading →

The Importance of Teachers’ Comments on Student Online Report Cards

An online report card system has many advantages for teachers, students, and parents. Online report cards allow the school to increase communication with parents, provide students with an authentic audience for their work, help teachers structure lessons, improve student turn-around… Continue Reading →

Attendance Software Can Help Students Stay Engaged

Attendance software can help students stay engaged and assist teachers in providing an effective educational experience. A student’s education is directly related to their attendance. Unfortunately, many young people drop out of school before they have a chance to graduate… Continue Reading →

Online Report Cards Provide Transparency Between Teachers, Parents, and Students

Report cards are traditionally instrumental in giving parents insight into how well their children are performing in school. Report cards also provide teachers with a brief summary of student performance to determine how much attention each child deserves during the… Continue Reading →

Strategies to Increase Enrollment at Your School

The school year is upon us. So what can you do to increase enrollment at your school if it’s a high priority? There are several steps you can take during the time of year when students are expected to arrive… Continue Reading →

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