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How to Start a Daycare at Home

Starting a daycare at home can be a rewarding experience, both personally and financially. It can also be a lot of work. If you’re thinking about starting a daycare, you should consider a few things before taking the plunge. Why… Continue Reading →

The Perfect Preschool Daily School Schedule

The perfect preschool daily school schedule should include educational activities, playtime, and quiet time. The following is a suggested schedule that can be used as a guide for creating your own daily preschool schedule: 7:00-8:00 am – Arrive and serve… Continue Reading →

All About Assessment Tools for Preschool Teachers

As a preschool teacher, you need to be aware of the different assessment tools available to you to help you make informed decisions about your student’s development and progress. This article will provide an overview of some of the most… Continue Reading →

The First Weeks of Preschool: What To Expect

The first week of school is an exciting time for preschoolers! They are getting to know their new classmates and teachers and exploring their new school. Check out this article for all you need to know about the start of… Continue Reading →

What Information Needs to Be Included in a Parent Handbook?

A parent handbook is an essential piece of communication for any school or childcare facility. It outlines the policies and procedures of the organization and provides important information for parents. Let’s look at how to create one below. Why Every… Continue Reading →

Types of Early Childhood Programs

There are various early childhood programs available to families with young children. Some programs focus on basic education and caregiving needs, while others provide more comprehensive services. Families need to research different types of programs to choose the one that… Continue Reading →

Why Standard Newsletter Platforms Don’t Work for Sending School Newsletters

If you manage a school, you understand how important it is to keep your community informed about what’s going on. A newsletter is a great way to do this, but finding the right platform to send your newsletter can be… Continue Reading →

Scheduling Campus Tours With an Online School Management System

Offering campus visits and tours are a great way to recruit new families. Scheduling campus tours is easy and convenient with an online school management system. Using this system, you can quickly and easily schedule a tour for prospective students… Continue Reading →

Types of Early Childhood Assessments

Early childhood assessments play an essential role in identifying children’s specific characteristics. There are a variety of assessments that can be used with young children, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is important to select the assessment… Continue Reading →

How to Create a Behavior Plan for Your Students

Creating a behavior plan for your students can be a daunting task. But with careful planning and execution, it can be an enriching experience for both you and your students. Steps to Creating a Stellar Behavior Management Plan for Your… Continue Reading →

Preparing for the New School Year: Everything You Should Do Over the Summer

The summer is a great time to relax and recharge, but it’s also the perfect time to organize and prepare for the upcoming school year. Whether you’re a student, teacher, or parent, you can do a few things over the… Continue Reading →

7 School Administration Areas Which Should Be Managed Online to Reduce Paper Usage

With the technological advances of the 21st century, it is now easier than ever to go paperless in schools. There are many school administration areas that can be managed online to reduce paper usage. Here are seven school administration areas… Continue Reading →

6 Best US School Conferences for Small School Administrators

As a small school administrator, you might not have the budget or the workforce to attend large education conferences. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t great professional development opportunities for you. There are many smaller US school conferences specifically tailored… Continue Reading →

How a Free Attendance Software Completely Changes the Game for Schools

These days, schools are under more pressure than ever to improve attendance. They are struggling to keep up with the administrative burden of tracking student attendance, and they’re also facing increasing scrutiny from state and federal education authorities. Here is… Continue Reading →

6 Important Features of School Billing Software

As a school administrator, you are always looking for ways to make your job easier. Automating tasks, improving communication, and reducing paperwork are all high priorities. School billing software can help you accomplish all of these things and more. Why… Continue Reading →

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