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How to Open Up a Small School: A Complete Checklist

If you’re looking for a quick, practical guide to opening up a small school, then you’ve found it. This article is a short and clear “checklist” of what you’ll need to do and the resources that will help you each… Continue Reading →

Ways School Management Software Helps Reduce Learning Barriers

The modern education system is in a strange place right now. Even with the many strides we’ve made, it’s still viewed as an outdated concept in some circles. Despite its problems, though, having a formal education has been shown to… Continue Reading →

Is Your Small School Still Using These Outdated School Payment Methods?

With the technological era upon us, it’s no wonder more and more people are voicing their desire to get off old-school payment methods that don’t meet their needs anymore. Between online school payment solutions, credit cards, checks, e-checks, and bank… Continue Reading →

Genius Hour: The Brain-Stimulating Approach Your Class Is Missing

According to the U.S Department of Education, America’s public schools are responsible for making sure that each student is “ready to learn” upon arrival at school each day. While this is no small feat, their mission statement leaves out another… Continue Reading →

How Teachers Can Develop a Growth Mindset

Equipping future generations with the skills needed in tomorrow’s world will inevitably include making sure they have a growth mindset. Teachers need to do more than just teach the regular subjects and skill sets, but to inspire a particular kind… Continue Reading →

How To Create A COVID Response Team Within Your Small School

No matter what your school’s size may be, it is extremely important to have a plan in place for any crisis that may occur on campus. Not only does this help ensure the safety of your community, but it also… Continue Reading →

8 Free Remote Learning Tools to Increase Student Engagement in Class

It goes without saying that most students probably learn better in classroom settings. But, as the costs of education increase, there are fewer opportunities for students to receive a high-quality education without spending exorbitant amounts of money on tuition and… Continue Reading →

Benefits of Smaller Classrooms

The benefits of small classroom sizes are numerous because it prioritizes quality instruction and more in-depth interactions. Large classrooms tend to become more chaotic, as they’re harder to control, which means students get more easily distracted and are more susceptible… Continue Reading →

Creative Fundraising Ideas for Schools

School fundraising ideas need to be creative and interesting for both students and parents. Parents are often looking for activities that allow them to still take care of their kids but also want to be able to help out the… Continue Reading →

Every School Needs A Dedicated Mobile App, Here’s Why

We use mobile apps in our daily life in order to get things done in an easy and quick way. Mobile apps provide fast and easy solutions to users’ problems. We can quickly locate flights with ease using Kayak’s mobile… Continue Reading →

Increased Presence Of AI In Education

As the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) progresses at an exponential rate, it has not surprisingly found its way into our education system. The AI impact on education has been and will continue to be enormous, but is that a… Continue Reading →

Ways Personalized Learning Can Help Students Learn Better

Everyone knows how important it is to get a good education. Doing well in school can open up many doors for your future, like the ability to get into college or land your dream job. But not everyone learns in… Continue Reading →

School Management Systems Help Students Stay Engaged Even When Quarantined

The use of school management systems has become a necessity rather than a luxury, and during the COVID period, more so than ever before, what was already a growing trend became the norm. Schools worldwide no longer depend on such… Continue Reading →

Access School from Anywhere with Online Lesson Plans

Online lesson plans are perfect for teachers with challenging jobs. Whether you teach elementary school children, high schoolers, or college students, online lesson plans offer flexible scheduling and convenience. Simply log on to the Internet at any time of day… Continue Reading →

How Learning Has Progressed With the Use of Educational Software

Today, students have access to the world through technology. As a result, they are able to utilize educational software at their fingertips, making learning more dynamic and progressive. Learning progression is defined as the advancement from one level of education… Continue Reading →

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