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Digital Assistants and Increased Cybersecurity Are Just Two Reasons to Use AI in EdTech

Digital assistants are popping up in the workplace, at home, and in education. While much has been written about how personal digital assistants (PDAs) like Siri and Cortana are changing the way we live, work, and interact with technology; their… Continue Reading →

Teacher-Student Relationships Have Dwindled Recently, Here’s How EdTech Can Help Strengthen These Relationships

A relationship that is crucial to a student’s learning process is the one they have with their teacher. To be a successful student, a person has to have a strong relationship with their teacher. This is because the role of… Continue Reading →

7 Strategies For Implementing Personalized Learning

Personalized learning is a high-impact instructional practice, but it can be challenging for teachers to bring this methodology into their classrooms. A teacher’s success with personalizing learning can depend on many factors, including having the right resources, training, and experience…. Continue Reading →

If School Payment Processing Is Challenging, Consider Switching To a Proven Payment Software

If your school is facing difficulty in processing online school payments, consider switching to a proven payment software. Proven payment software enables you to accept all major credit cards for tuition and fee payments. You can also use it for… Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Your School Should Update Your School Information System

In today’s increasingly digital society, it is becoming more and more important to implement a school information system (SIS) in every school. This article discusses the importance of updating your SIS, how an update can benefit teachers, students, and, parents… Continue Reading →

Custom Communication Software Can Keep Your School Safe From Covid, Break-Ins, and More

When a school has custom communication software, it is not only able to bring the best out of its education system but is also equipped with incredible tools when it comes to safety. A custom communication software is something that… Continue Reading →

Whether On Break or In the Middle of a Semester, Here’s How To Easily Implement Online Payments For Your School

When students enroll in your school, you require them to pay their tuition or other fees; however, as soon as students leave or drop out of your school, you don’t receive the fees they owe. There is a solution to… Continue Reading →

Checklist To Ensure Your Payment Module Is Secure

As we’ve seen, the financial services industry is under constant attack from criminals and fraudsters. This means that your payment system needs to be secure and needs to provide a safe environment for your parents and students. If you already… Continue Reading →

Without Utilizing Alumni Management Software, Your School May Miss Out on These 7 Ways To Engage Alumni

What is alumni relationship management? Alumni relationship management is at the core of effective development programs, offering a variety of opportunities for alumni to engage with your school. There is no question that successful alumni relations can be very beneficial… Continue Reading →

A Secure Payment Module For Your School Is More Important Than You Think

With the world embracing technology, many schools are feeling left behind when it comes to how payments are made. For example, most schools today do not accept online payments for tuition fees and other school charges. This hinders their progress… Continue Reading →

Here’s 5 Ways Admissions Software Benefits Your School

We can all agree that a majority of the work required to run a school is extremely complex and time-consuming. Between course planning, grading, attendance taking, emailing parents and staff members – it’s truly mind-boggling how much needs to be… Continue Reading →

What Differentiates Good Gradebook Software from Bad Gradebook Software?

One of the most important parts of any course is keeping track of student grades. Without a clear picture of how each student is performing it can be hard to track their progress and decide what academic assistance may be… Continue Reading →

Custom Admissions and Enrollment Software vs Off-the-Shelf Software

Software companies are flooded with requests from schools to make custom admissions and enrollment software. Custom admissions and enrollment software are different than using an off-the-shelf (OTS) system such as Peoplesoft or Blackboard that only needs a little customization to… Continue Reading →

The 5 Advantages of Hybrid Learning That Should Be Used For In-person Learning

In the world of education, it is better to be innovative and try new methods for learning. This way, students can keep up with a fast-paced world of knowledge and will be able to utilize new learning methods. Hybrid learning… Continue Reading →

5 Reasons To Utilize Educational Technology Data In Your Classroom

There are many reasons why teachers should utilize educational technology data in their classrooms. The benefits range from increasing student engagement and giving the teacher insight into the students’ knowledge of a particular topic to helping foster an environment with… Continue Reading →

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